28 November 2007

Musings From a Clear Heart

Happiness doesn't interest me. What I really want is a deep peace in my life, the kind that comes from living my greatest life.

A clean house doesn't interest me. I want a welcoming and relaxing home where the goal isn't a perfect environment, but rather an inviting gathering place for those I love the most.

I'm not interested in a loving relationship. What I want is a deep soul connection, a bond beyond this world. A knowing in my bones that I am cherished and adored. A passion that grows and expands to hold both of us for an eternity.

I don't want a successful business. What I really want is the opportunity to work with my greatest potential to craft an awesome lifestyle, and work with what I love each day.

Financial stability doesn't really interest me. What I really want is to risk my financial livelihood on what I love. To break my feelings of inadequacy and embrace the best part of myself, and to believe that I am worth that much.

The appearance of a person doesn't interest me. The condition of your heart interests me. So many of the people I meet are heartsick. I'm interested in exchanging a little light in our lives with whatever time we have together.

I'm not interested in the cliche. What I really want is to be true to my deepest heart and experience that reality in my everyday life.

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